学习啦 初中英语 300 个句子涵盖初中英语高频短语、句型、考点,重点全掌握!

300 个句子涵盖初中英语高频短语、句型、考点,重点全掌握!


1. 毕竟,这个孩子太小还不能上学。After all, the kid istooyoungtogo to school.2. 我来自中国。Icome fromChina.3. 我的梦想会实现的。My dream willcome true.

4. 她过去靠卖书为生。

Sheused toearn her livingon selling books.

5. 我家离学校不远。

My home isn’tfar fromthe school.

6. 我喜欢去钓鱼。Ienjoygoingfishing.

7. 我长大后想成为一名老师。

Iwould like tobe a teacher when Igrow up.

8. 我每天都过得很愉快。

Ihave a good timeevery day.

9. 我乐于和平地生活。

Ienjoy livingin peace.

10. 我喜欢浏览英语报纸。

I likelooking throughEnglish newspapers.

11. 我乐于和别人交朋友。

I enjoymaking friendswith others.

12. 我一点都不喜欢抽烟。

I don’tlike smokingat all.

13. 从今以后,我不但要更加努力学习还要尽力取得更好的成绩。

From now on, Inot onlystudy harderbut alsotry my best to get better grades.

14. 我偶尔喜欢去购物。

I like togo shoppingnow and then.

15. 我们一做完饭就应该把火灭掉。

We shouldput outthe fireas soon aswefinish cooking.

16. 我不喜欢炫耀自己。

I don’t like toshow offmyself.

17. 我以前在电脑游戏上花费了很多时间以至于我在学习上失去了兴趣。

Iused to spendso much timeoncomputer games that I lost interest in study.

18. 我过去常常拜访我的朋友。Iused tocall onmy friends.19. 明天我一到美国就给你打电话。I willcall you upas soon asIarrive inAmerica tomorrow.

20. 我很高兴照顾我喜欢的人。

Iam glad tocare forthe people who I care for.

21. 在我回家的路上,我碰见了我的老朋友。

Icame acrossmy old friendon my wayhome.

22. 每天直到我回来,我父母才睡觉。

My parents don’t go to beduntilI come back every day.

23. 我恭喜你取得很大进步。

Icongratulateyouonyour great progress.

24. 我们应该互相学习。

We shouldlearn from each other.

25. 听说你现在过得很愉快,我很高兴。

Iam glad to hearthat youenjoy yourselfnow.

26. 我害怕与他相处不好。

I am afraid toget on badly withhim.

27. 我和我的朋友们玩得很高兴。

Ihave fun withmy friends.

28. 我很高兴收到你的来信。

Iam glad tohear fromyou.

29. 我经常看见他匆匆忙忙的去上学。

I often see him go to schoolin a hurry.

30. 我很高兴我们相互有共同之处。

I am glad that wehave something in commonwith each other.

31. 我很高兴你能信守诺言。

I am glad that you cankeep your word.

32. 我刚才撞上了我的老朋友。

Iknocked intomy old friendjust now.

33. 我的父母总是叫我别嘲笑别人。

My parents alwaystell menottolaugh atothers.

34. 她总是一见到我就做鬼脸。

She alwaysmakes a faceas soon asshe sees me.

35. 他既不喜欢游泳也不喜欢跑步。

He likesneitherswimmingnorrunning.

36. 我过去常挨着他坐。

I used to sitnext tohim.

37. 他学习不如我努力。

He doesn’t studyso/ashardasI.

38. 当然,我们应该与别人和睦相处。

Of course, weshouldget on well withothers.

39. 我奶奶以前反反复复给我讲过这个故事。

My grandmother used to tell me the storyover and over again.

40. 就我所知,北京因它悠久的历史和丰富的文化而闻名于世。As far as I know,Beijingis famous forits long history and rich culture.41. 我们应该阻止人们砍伐树木。We shouldstoppeoplefromcutting down trees.

42. 我们应该尽力阻止动物灭绝。

We shoulddo our besttostopanimalsfromdying out.

43. 每天做扫除很必要。

It’s necessary to dosome cleaning every day.

44. 这儿有许多可做的,例如,你可以帮助打扫干净城市公园。

There is much to do here,for example, you can help clean up the city parks.

45. 总之,保护环境对我们来说很重要。

In a word,it’s very important for us toprotect the environment.

46. 为什么不尽早拯救在危险中的动物呢?

Why notsave the animal in dangeras early aspossible?

47. 我认为回收废纸取代扔掉它更好。

I thinkit’s better torecycle waste paperinstead ofthrowing it away.

48. 我认为我们的城市缺少水。

I think that our city isin need ofwater.

49. 我想要大家都加入到环境项目中来。

Iwould likeeveryone tojoin inthe environment project.

50. 勿踩草坪对环境来说是有好处的。

It’s good for the environment to keep off the grass.

51. 我们应该不断关注我们的环境。

We shouldkeep ontaking care ofour environment.

300 个句子涵盖初中英语高频短语、句型、考点,重点全掌握!
300 个句子涵盖初中英语高频短语、句型、考点,重点全掌握!
52. 我父亲每天都给我一点钱。My father gives mea bit ofmoney every day.53. 我妈妈昨天给我买了几本书。My mother boughta fewbooks for me yesterday.

54. 请你递给我一点儿水好吗?

Could you pleasepass mea little water?

55. 他上周借给我许多书。

Helenta number of bookstome last week.

56. 他去年送了我一双鞋。

She sent mea pair of shoeslast year.

57. 今天上午我们老师告诉过我们一则好消息。

Our teacher told usa piece ofgood news this morning.

58. 我奶奶反反复复给我讲过这个故事。

My grandmatellsthe storyto meagain and again.

59. 在海里有各种各样的鱼。

There areall kinds offishes in the sea.

60. 天晴后,请你打扫一下你的院子好吗?

Will you pleaseclean upyour yard after the sky isclearing up?

61. 老师一进来我们就停止说话了.

Westopped talkingas soon as the teacher came in.

62. 赶快!,咱们去购物。

Come on!Let’s go shopping.

63. 为什么不切断煤气呢?

Why notcut offthe gas?

64. 在日常生活中,我们不得不处理各种问题。

We have todeal withall kinds of problems in our daily life.

65. 你要么呆在家里要么去上学。

You eitherstay at homeor go to school.

66. 如果你想出去,咱们去散步吧!

Let’sgo for a walkif youfeel like goingout.

67. 我们老师请我们填表。

Our teacherasked us to fillin the form.

68. 他有时带给我一些书。

He brings me some booksfrom time to time.

69. 我想要和同学们和睦相处。

Iwould like toget along well withmy classmates.

70. 赶快,否则我们会上学迟到。

Hurry up, or we will be late for school.

71. 为了他能拍一些好照片,我借给他相机。

I lend him a camerain order thathe cantakesome goodphotos.

72. 我们最好别在公共场合大声聊天。

Wehad better stop talkingloudly in public.

73. 我刚才听见她唱歌了。

I heard her singjust now.

74. 如果这场雨一直下着,会对我们生活不利。

Ifthis rain keeps up,it will bebad for our life.

75. 她太小而不能照顾她自己。

She istooyoungtolook after herself.

76. 我不再介意告诉我坏消息。

Ino longermind telling me bad news.

77. 从那以后,我不再给他看我的照片了。

From then on, I didn’t show my pictures to him any more.


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